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Standard Shower Cape

Standard Shower Cape

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Imagine being able to take a refreshing shower right after breast surgery. The RecoverEasy Shower Cape makes that possible.The Shower Cape is a water-resistant, post-surgical garment that protects the upper body while showering.

Women and men undergoing surgery for lumpectomy, mastectomy, breast implant, breast reduction, gynecomastia, vascular port, or heart/lung conditions share one common problem. Most are advised to avoid taking showers for a period of time to protect their incisions, bandages, drain, catheters or ports. The Shower Cape makes it possible to protect upper body surgical sites while also making it possible to shower the head and lower body. Apart from the surgical wound, the inability to shower adds insult to the injury. With the Shower Cape, some normalcy is restored.

The Shower Cap is available in the following sizes: 

12–15-inch neck

15–18-inch neck

Inside pockets permit safe storage of one or more drains while showering.

Instructions for use:

1. Place cap over shoulders.
2. Insert drain(s) into pockets.
3. Overlap inner and outer flaps of cape and secure snap closure around the neck as snug as is comfortable.
4. Align snaps and secure front closure of cape.
5. Maintain elbows below shoulders while showering.
6. Towel dry cape before removing
7. Reverse steps to remove after showering.

See the video of placement and removal.

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